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black screen / frozen after 3-4 days running

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I am running a pcduino v2 to display a information screen 24/7. Its an easy task, just show a website on a 27" monitor. 

PCDuino v2



Browser: the one comes with Ubuntu

After 3-4 days, the screen is going to be black (TV turns off) and I have to restart the pcduino. 
Looking at the pcduino I noticed some LEDs are still on and (I believe) flickering. When it happen again I will notice with ones if it is important. 

(its a hazzle to get to the pcduino, its mounted up high)

I was thinking about the screensaver first, but I turned the screensaver off and I am unable to "wake" the pcduino up with a mouse of a keyboard.



Any ideas what can be the reason for such behavior? I just want to run it "virtuallty forever".



Thanks a lot.




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Yes, webpage login. 

Ok, I started the test yesterday, I checked the memory and it drained rapidly when using chromium (running just the one tab with the website).

After 8 hours and an average ob 5mb memory drain per hours I stopped it, used google to find out that a lot of people suspecting a memory leak in Chrome. 

I thought it can't hurt to install a different browser, so I installed midori (firefox install wasnt possible) and I left it run for more then 16hours now, memory is completely stable, nearly no "movement".

I will let it run until Saturday, where I can get a lift to replace the other pcduino with the current one. 

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