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wifi connection problem - wifi bouncing between 0% and 100%

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Hi Gentlemen. 



I have two pcduinos v2. Both are working absolutely fine with my private wifi at home. 


No I used both with a different wifi (where I dont have access to) and it showed that at one (only one) of the two pcduinos the signal strength bounces between 0% and 100% constantly. Its going up, its going down. 
One second it's  0%  , 5sec later ist 62% and one second later 100% , then 5sec later again 0%. 


This is not happening with the second pcduino. 



any ideas? 



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Are they both connecting to the WIFI at the same time?

Did you change the mac address on one of them?

Could having 2 clients with the same mac cause your router to freak out?


I have not seen this come up before.

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no there weren connected at the same, I just had one power cable. 

No, I didnt change the MAC address.

Shouldnt have the router freaked out, everything else was working fine. I was able to connect with my Iphone, all other attached wifi-clients were working fine. 
I restarted the pcduino and the router 2 times, no change. Unfortunately I dont have access to the router/wifi, so I cant check the log files or settings. 

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good question. I dont know. 

the working one, I bought in Nov 2013

the not working one in May 2015

I didnt update the new one, but I cant remember what I did to the older one. 
I will update the new one tomorrow (I dont have it with me at them moment)


The only clear difference between the two is that I installed a new browser on the newer one. And that the installation of Firefox failed. 

Otherwise I didnt know or recall any changes. 

"Unfortunately" I will be on vacation for 2.5 weeks, I will  try it afterwards again. 

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