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Cdr Cody

Really Disappointed

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I just cannot get the control board to accept an upload.  I have read all the forums, uploaded the appropriate drivers (in two different computers), and downloaded Aduino 1.0.6.


The camera, servo assembly, and router seperately work fine.  I just cannot change the code in the the control board.

Reading this forum and the wiki, I noticed others have had the same problem, but there has not been any real solution.  Since there have not been any new comments since February, has anyone actuall gotten one of these thing to work properly?  Is there a youtube video?


Also, there are some obvious errors in the Aduino sample code and since nobody has addressed them, I assume nobody has actually gotten the code to upload into the rover.


I hope this issue is issolated to me.  I notice some in the forum have bought these rovers for school project.  It would be a shame that they not only wasted thier money, but also wasted a lot of valuable time on a project that will not work.


Again, if someone has gotten the rover to work, I would love to see a video.


Have a nice day.


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