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Unidentified shield received

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Having ordered and received a Linksprite Raspberry PI shield, Linksprite accelerometer and Linksprite ultrasonic sensor from Conrad.com.
However the Shield received is different then the website schematics and there isn't any documentation available neither on linksprite.com.

My question is which shield have I received? Is the documentation available?

The shield does not state a type number the board, it does state LK-RB-Shield,
from which I assume it is for use with the Raspberry. Its layout looks similar.
The pins also match other Raspberry shields, thus assuming it's perhaps a newer / older / revised model.

The initially shield I've ordered, is linked here: https://www.conrad.nl/nl/raspberry-pi-uitbreidingsprintplaat-lk-base-rb-baseboard-1267835.html Conrad.nl shield page ( excuse the language, geoip... what can you can do ).
However the board received shows 4x Analogue Input, 12x Digital GPIO, 1x Uart, 1x l2C.
It looks more advanced then the shield I've initially ordered, no complain there

If the board received is intended for the raspberry I'd like to download its documentation and schematics.
Being new to external hardware / sensor interaction I'd really need the documentation and schematics.
Searched online for about an hour or so without being able to identify this shield.

Off course I an provide a photograph of the shield received.
Thing is I only have a few days to decide to send the entire Linkersite package back to its seller, Conrad.
I'd prefer using the modules, therefore I hope for a quick response, and off course its documentation.


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I just bought one myself and I am in  the same situation...

Just unwraped this baby, maybe starting with :


it' very similar, only difference is that it's a MCP3008 instead of MCP3004, and there's an example code for ADC in python.


If you found other stuff...


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