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Linkerkit ADC not working correctly

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Hi there, I have a couple of linkerkits and it seems that there are two versions. 

Your provided sourcecode for the "first" version works well :







But the provieded code does NOT work with the "new" version :




The output of the democode always is  0/1023 => 0.000 V


Could you please help me get correct readings.

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First can you paste the code you are using?


Next if you can take a picture of the connections you are using and what you have connected to the Linkerkit ADC board


Do you have the jumper set at 3.3vdc or 5.0vdc?


Some of the modules that linkerkit has designed will not work with the Linksprite ADC board set at 3.3vdc because the voltage is too low and the operating voltage needed for some of the modules is +5.0vd. 


Are you sure you are using the same linkerkit addresses/gpio as the original? 



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