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AP mode on wifi, WPA doesn't work (reliably)

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Hi guys, I'm running a pcduino v2 as an ADS-B aircraft weather/traffic receiver, and have everything going fine except for WPA authentication on the on-board wifi.


As an open network it works fine, I can connect, DHCPD properly serves IPs, and everything works.


But WPA only works sporadically.


The attached files are some logs from hostapd.  I set everything up by this guide...




I have the green wifi chip.


I've tried both WPAv2 and WPAv3, which doesn't seem to make any difference.


I'm using the hostapd linked in that guide from the rtl8188eu github page.


root-hostapd is a log of the access point run as root, with me connecting a few times from my iPad.  Seems to work ok, but not reliably.

daemon-hostapd is me trying to connect to the same server with the same config with hostapd running as a daemon.


My conf file is also attached, with the authentication bits commented out.




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