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pcduino3 nano lite bootable images

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I just got a pcduino3 nano lite as well, I found that there is only a bootable image for Android on the pcduino3 nano page. 




BUT if you read the note you will have no network access!!!

Look for : Android 4.2 Bootable SD image, (Use DD or windisk32imagewriter), 08-26-2014.

  • Doesn’t have Gbit ethernet driver


I also tried a bootable image I found for the pcduino3, this seems to work but I am not able to get the network to work. It shows the configuration for pcduino it was made on and I can not get it to update the Mac address. I can DHCP eth0 and ping a url, I see the IP address of the site but can not connect.




Look for:

I used Win32diskimagewrite to write the image to the SD card, then just put in the SD card and powered it up. They both work but both have no network access. 

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William when I had the pcDuino3 sd bootable image working I noticed the same thing with the network not working. But the main problem I found is that after a few minutes of messing around on it the speed slowed to a crawl and it was very hard to get a terminal window to open. Have you noticed this as well?


I found out the long way around that mine was a Lite model. http://forum.linksprite.com/index.php?/topic/4373-nano-doa/

In this thread cwilt states that he is "working on it". I hope this means an ubuntu SD bootable is on the way for the nano lite.

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Thank You, Cwilt. Image works well!  I have a question about the Image, I see when I type in ifconfig there is two devices listed eth0  and usb0. Is usb0 a network bridge? Plugged in the OTG port to my PC and It gave an ip address, but I can not SSH to Ip address. Wondering what's it for.  

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I just received my PcDuino3 nano lite.  I got one because:


Cheap:  Amazon had it for $15 + $5 shipping.  Of course after I add everything I need, I wonder how much cheaper it will work out than my Cubieboard2s?


Supported by Fedora23:  I have been told to just use the standard PcDunio3 uboot and it will work.  Well, I should find out soon.


If it works for F23, I can use it with Centos7-arm.


So stay tuned.

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Fedora 23 install is simple.  Choose your gui and get that image at:




If you have a Fedora box, install fedora-arm-image-installer and run:


fedora-arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Xfce-armhfp-23-10-sda.raw.xz --media=/dev/sdb --target=Linksprite_pcDuino3_Nano


(media is where your mSD card is) or follow the instructions at:




Linksprite should add Fedora as one of the OS available as it is so easy.


BTW, I am working on the Centos7-arm port.  One person there already has it working...

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