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HDMI Overscan

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U-boot 2015.10 is coming with overscan support at least for Allwinner based boards. Dunno for imx.


It's not released yet and was unstable during testing ... but that it will eventually be fixed.


And example how to set it:

setenv video-mode sunxi:1280x720-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=0,edid=0,overscan_x=10,overscan_y=5


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I have only tried it with one screen (which will be the only display used) but having had the same issue with my pcduino v2 i'm confident the issue will move to other displays. The set window command sorted the problem but thats does not appear available on acadia.


I've not looked into the uboot as it seems a little beyond my capabilities. If this is the fix I'll have to use vnc until it is available.



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