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Help for JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface - Infrared

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i have a serious problem that i need your help for solving it.
my mission is to capture a series of images and then save them to SD card.
the first image is correctly saved to the SD card but the problem is for
the second image it saved corrupted and seemed to be not fully received
from the camera.
the first image took much time about 2 second and i see many HEX words but
for the second image once he start to save image he write FF FF FF D9 then
finished that is also for the third ,,only first one recieved correctly.

i need help why the first image is the only one that received correctly bu
the other is corrupted.

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just take a photo and atoring them on the sd card ,,,but the problem is not in how to store the image ,,,,,,,problem is about the camera send small data for the second image and  third ,,,only the first image i recieved correctly but the other i recieve  small amout of data make other photos corrupted

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