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Some silly mistakes on the website, Amazon

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There are some funny typographical / non-english speaker errors on www.pcduino.com as well as the pcDuino8 Uno page on Amazon.


On the product page on www.pcduino.com (http://www.linksprite.com/?page_id=782) the 3C proto is called "prodto." There should be no 'd' in "proto." (As in: "prototype")


On the pcDuino8 Uno product page on Amazon, there are the following errors:


single board computer -> Single Board Computer (SBC)
pcDuino -> (ok)
elactronic products -> Electronics (or) Electronic Parts
raspberry-pi - > Raspberry Pi (or) Raspberry Pi 2
Aduino -> Arduino (missing the 'r')


Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016B4EIFQ/qid=1446107257


I will post any others as I remember them.






"LinkSprite pcDuino3Nano Lite" -> "LinkSprite pcDuino3 Nano Lite" (missing a space)






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