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I thought I was pretty clever, getting the PCDuino to let me run the OTG port supporting all my USB flash drives and the dongle for my wireless keyboard, and having the normal USB port running my 1TB USB hard drive.


But it ended.  It seems the ability to power somethign as heavy as a USB hard drive from the built in USB is temporary  :-(      The USB port is still letting me use other stuff like flash drives and has enough power for the wireless thingy, but it will no longer spin up any of the USB hard drives, even smaller ones.


This is not a complaint about the PCDuino.  It is an observation in case anyone else comes across the same thing, or decides running a USB hard disk off the USB port is a good idea.


It worked well, while it worked over several months, then one day - just clicking noises as it tried to spin.  Swapped to another workign drive and same thing.  tried a smaller drive and it was the same.  I've probably overloaded something on the board, but other than the hard disk problem, everythign else seems to be working more or less normally.

It probably isn;t a big issue, but it was neat having what was a very light weight portable Linux computer with a big HDD.


I've now used the PCDuino to turn a TV into a smart TV, something very basic, but really useful, except that UBUNTU on Duino can't play media using XBMC or any other programs as well as Kodi does in Android, and I cannot get Android to run on the thing.

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You're probably right.  The reality is that with the cost of SSD now it would probably make more sense to hook one of those to the SATA port that is there specifically for drives.  But I'm a poor pensioner ;-)   So I use what is lying around on the floor.  I picked up a Toshiba 64GB USB stick the other day for $25.  Three of those would give me all the data storage I need for a 12V portable computer/smart TV anyway.


So as cwilt has suggested - If you're planning to run a 1TB USB hard drive - perhaps go for a powered USB hub!


The good news is that noting else seems stuffed at this point.  So the PCDuino seems to be a tough little device.

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