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Running a PCDuino 3B on battery power

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This post is just for people there using their PCDuino for everyday stuff.  As I posted previously I have set up a $95  12 Volt 15.6 inch LED TV with the PCDuino 3B attached to it (hot glued the case) as a combo smart TV / all in one computer.


Today I dug out an old powerbank I had lying around.  I had two of them bought chap on ebay a couple of years ago , supposedly 33,000mAh, but I have never managed to find out how accurate that claim is.  In May I found one would not hold a charge, but the other seemed ok, so I have used it for testing and ripped the dead one apart to see what's inside.


I'm powering the PCDuino form the power bank and the TV from mains.  The PVDuino 3B has been running Linux for 2 hours continuously, playing a 1080p HD video on SMplayer and connected to the net and the wireless keyboard.  At 2 hours it is still showing 3 solid blue indicators with the fourth still flashing, as it was when I connected it.  


The power bank has two lots of 18650 3.7V lithium cells.  These are connected in two banks of three cells, the to a charging and distribution circuit that has a 1 Amp and a @ Amp outlet.  The cells  are unmarked, but the other blue ones I have lying around are 4300mAh each.


I'll update later when the thing starts losing indicator lights, but at this rate I think I might get at least 4 hours of continual play out of the 6 cells.




U P D A T E   1    


4 hours into the test and still looping a 1080p video and conected to the net and also running the Logitec wireless keyboard / trackpad thingy.

Power bank is still showing 3 lights solid and one light flashing as it was at the start.


It has to be noted that this is NOT powering a screen.  But it might be possible to run something like this somehow..




It apparently works with Raspberry Pi  http://imkiyoung.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/raspberry-pi-and-aoc-e1649fwu-usb-powered-led-monitor/  but not sure about the version of Linaro / ubuntu that runs on PCuino.


For the moment I am considering a 10,000 mAh 12V power bank to run the TV for perhaps 4 hours  (the 12V GVA TV has a 2 Amp current draw)



U P D A T E    2


4.5 hours into the test and the lights on the power bank changed.  Now No 1 and No 2 solid and No 3 blinking - 4th is off.


U P D A T E   3


5.5 hours and No 1 LED solid, Number 2 flashing, No 3 and No 4  off.


U P D A T E   4


6 Hours - Last LED flashing.  Shutdown PC Duino and plugged power bank into USB port on computer to charge.

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