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E-paper shield + Arduino not working

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I'm using the e-paper shield with an Arduino Uno but haven't had any luck getting any of the commands to work.


I'm using the code from this tutorial: http://learn.linksprite.com/arduino/using-e-paper-modules-on-arduino/, and wired the shield to the Arduino based off this picture: http://forum.linksprite.com/index.php?/gallery/image/71-e-paper-connector/.


I'm having a couple problems. First, when I send a command through the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE, the majority of the time the status pin doesn't toggle so the Arduino just gets stuck in the loop that checks for the status pin toggle. Second, when the command actually goes through, nothing seems to happen on the display.


Anyone here had any luck with this kind of set up and can provide some insight? Thanks!

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