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CUHead Pro Wifi/ethernet Shield

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Hello Everyone,


I have purchased the CUHead Wifi/Ethernet Shield and i must say i am baffled.  I have no real purpose for the sheild yet other than to comunicate with my Arduino via the wireless AP. When reading the documentation it states not to use pins 0&1 for serial coms.  but what other pins can i use as i have the sheild stacked on my Arduino Mega ADK (no choice but to use pins 0 & 1)


Sorry if this may sound like a stupid question but how do i work around this? By not stacking the shield and use link cables to make all connections.


Also the mysterious J7, It states that these jumers conrol how to comunicate witht the arduino but there is not instructions on jumper positions other than 1 way that is stated in a photo on the website,


Has anyone used this shield that may be able to help me?


Many thanks in advance for anyones kind help.

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