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WIFI static IP on pcDuino3

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Please HELP


I have a pcDuino3, is a great SBC (satisfied with it) , but can not setup static IP on WIFI.

I bother with him mor then half a year. Otherwise it works well, I have apache server on it.

If someone managed to do it, I woud be grateful for Your help !


Thank you!


Sorry for my English!



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Hi, have you try to set static ip address for wlan0 like this:

# vim /etc/network/interfaces




auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
then save and reboot.

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pcDuino3, can not setup static IP on WIFI.


Hi , Thank you for quick response!

Yes I tried , I modified also the wpa_supplicant file,(I fix the problem also with wlan0,wlan1,...wlan5, I have only wlan0)

NO positive result, I tried many things that go to ather SBC's.

I have some experience with SBC's and linux .

I have Raspberry PI's , Beaglebone Black, Humminboard i2ex, Arduino Yun,CuBoxi

 and I had no such problems with any of them.

I use oficial images (ubuntu 12 ), I tried also with grafical interface to do, but the "SAVE" button is not active.

I use it for home automation  from  web , many time if the ISP go down or electrical network go down have to reconfigure the IP's .

I am very dissappointed beacose so far I have managed to solve all I wanted, sooner or later excet this.

I am quite surprised because it has a Built-in Wifi ,with other SBC is relatively simple to setup a static IP on wifi dongle.


If anyone has a solution

Thank you!

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