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4.5" E-Paper Shield for Arduino/pcDuino

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So far I have not found any usable information on how to use this shield.

The downloadable example program doesn't compile for Arduino Uno. There would not be enough program space or dynamic memory anyway.

On my pcDuino 3 the example can be compiled in the Arduino IDE, and uploaded.

But it does not run, or stops immediately (I use Linaro/Ubuntu 14 Version).

There seems to be a conflict with the the ports/pins used.

If I comment out the whole setup code, only then I see a terminal window with debug output.

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Is this help for you?


If it possible, please first use Arduino Uno, and use Arduino IDE on PC to program a Arduino Uno board, then connect E-paper shield to control it!


These steps make sure the E-paper and connection to Arduino Uno is OK. then use pcduino to control it.

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I still do not know how to use it on Arduino Uno, the example won't compile in the Arduino IDE on my PC (stack overflow). I will retry by shortening the data.


The example works fine with the Arduino IDE on Lubuntu 10.2 (on SD card).


With the flashed Linaro/Ubuntu 14 the example does not work any more. It seems, digital I/O-Pins 9 and up are not available in this version.


I am looking for more Information on this e-paper shield to find out what I can do with it.

Is the program running in its core open source based?

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