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Is there a way to get straight Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on pcDuino3 nano?

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Hello, I am completely new to the forums so I'll make this as detailed as possible.


I am wondering if anyone has yet tried to cross-compile a straight ubuntu 14.04 image for this board, and if so does it work right? (Meaning does it start up?)  I don't want Lubuntu :/


I am asking this because it just happens to be that an older cell-phone of mine has an ARMv7 chip in it and I installed an app that both compiled, and installed Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty onto my phone.  Seeing this I can assume, given enough time, one could compile 14.04 to run on the pcDuino3 natively.


Note: I have no need for a graphical desktop.


If no one has a straight image of Ubuntu 14.04 and I have to take the long road of cross compiling myself, are there any specific drivers I will need to make the Ethernet / USB / SATA / HDMI work?  I will obviously have to include such things into the specific image if a standard compile isn't 100% compatible. (I'm assuming it would not be plug and play.)



I haven't got my pcDuino3 Nano yet in the mail, just asking a few hours in advance to hopefully get a response back from the community.  Thank you for reading and have a great day / night!

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