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PcDunio3 nano lite connect questions

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I just got a pcduino2 nano lite.  Unfortunately it came without a power cable and I cannot find here what I use to power this board!


I see that one of the otg connecters in on a red printing on the board.  One might almost suspect it is trying to tell me this is power.  Getting another otg-to-usb-A cable will be an added expense.  Too bad they did not use a more common usb-mini on the board for power.  I have dozens of those cables in a box....


Where do I get TX, RX, and GRD for ttyS0?  That is where boot messages go to on power up?  Is that the 3 pins sticking out the side?  The board has a box titled uart pointing to it and P3 next to it.  But no where does it say which pin does what.


I do have a spare sata connector from a Cubieboard that is not using its sate, and the power connector is the same.  But what is the max A for the sata?  Can it support a 1A 1TB 2..5" sata drive?



thank you.  Once I get this powered up with the serial boot console connected, I will let people know how it is going...


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I have the board up and running Fedora23 with one caveat.  That being I am not getting any response on the debug port as I do on my Cubieboards.  F23 booted up just fine after I found the header schematic that showed the OTG near the mSD slot is the power.  Ethernet and Video/kyd/mouse work fine.  But not the debug port.


I followed the schematic at:




Which shows the 3 connectors for the debug port.  It is connected to a USB/TTL converter as I usually do.  I bring up screen with


screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200


And nothing.  I have tried 9600 and still nothing.  I tried reversing RX and TX just in case.  Nothing.


So how do I get the serial console on this?  It is important for my testing Centos7 on it...



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