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How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

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I haven't messed with it yer, but the custom kernel has this that we might be able to tweak:



;disp init configuration
;disp_mode             (0:screen0<screen0,fb0>; 1:screen1<screen1,fb0>)
;screenx_output_type  (0:none; 1:lcd; 3:hdmi;)
;screenx_output_mode  (used for hdmi output, 0:480i 1:576i 2:480p 3:576p 4:720p50)
;                     (5:720p60 6:1080i50 7:1080i60 8:1080p24 9:1080p50 10:1080p60)
;fbx format           (0:ARGB 1:ABGR 2:RGBA 3:BGRA 5:RGB565 8:RGB888 12:ARGB4444 16:ARGB1555 18:RGBA5551)
;fbx_width,fbx_height (framebuffer horizontal/vertical pixels, fix to output resolution while equal 0)
;lcdx_backlight       (lcd init backlight,the range:[0,256],default:197
disp_init_enable         = 1
disp_mode                = 0

screen0_output_type      = 3
screen0_output_mode      = 5

screen1_output_type      = 3
screen1_output_mode = 4

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