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using SPI with DragonBoard 410c and the linker starter kit for 96Boards

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I didn't see a sub-forum for the 96Boards Mezzanine board yet, so I am posting in the general area.


I have purchased a linker starter kit mezzanine board for use with 96Boards products. The kit arrived quickly from Arrow, and fits very well, excellent work. I am now trying to connect the sliding rheostat and to run the demo program. I am having trouble getting the program to compile, and to get it running. The first error I run into is during compile of the line "spi *spi_dev = libsoc_spi_init(32766,0);", libsoc believes that the first parameter should be a uint8_t, but obviously the constant 32766 doesn't fit into 8 bits. Can Alvin Jin give me a hand getting the sliding rheostat program running please.

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