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How to get Processing to directly communicate with input/output ports on pcDuino 3B?

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Hello. Novice electronics hacker here, working on an interactive art project.


I have successfully installed Processing 2.2 on a pcDuino 3B, and gotten Processing to read / write to ports on a separate Arduino board (a SparkFun Digital Sandbox, which is based on the Arduino Fio) connected to the pcDuino via the USB port. The Processing code imports the serial and the Arduino (Firmata) libraries, and the Standard Firmata sketch is running on the Digital Sandbox. With this setup, the Processing code can read inputs from the Digital Sandbox and draw graphics based on the data -- it works beautifully.


I'd like to do this directly off the pcDuino 3B board, though, without the separate Arduino board. But the Standard Firmata sketch is not listed in the example code in the Arduino IDE  on the pcDuino when "pcDuino" is selected as the board (it does appear when "Arduino Fio" is selected as the board). And if I try to upload the Standard Firmata sketch to the pcDuino, I get the following error:



Arduino: 1.5.3_beta_pcDuino (Linux), Board: "pcDuino (ARM Cortex-A8)"
standard_firmata.ino:32:19: fatal error: Servo.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Is there another approach that would work for this, or is there a way to get the Standard Firmata sketch to run on the pcDuino?
Thank you much!

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