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cannot boot pcDuino8 uno

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The LED6 and LED7 are on , it means the system has been login the desktop,   so seemly the system is OK.


How do you power your pcDuino8 Uno,  5V/2A DC power?

and how do you connect the screen using HDMI cable?

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i have found if i have some usb devices plugged into it on boot it wont start properly.  i have to sometimes plug them in after boot.  try that?


This is a well known issue that needs just a few fixes. Compare with https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M3-bsp/commit/7e8d63cbad330a61414b1f2e4b99bbdb81823b2f


If the Linksprite folks would've published their BSP sources this could've been fixed long ago. But they still play the GPL violator game and moronically refuse to publish the sources they got from Allwinner.

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