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Read GPS NMEA data in background with pcduino

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I bought a PCDuino V3 Nano and want to connect a GPS (NEO6M) to get speed, long, lat etc.
to make tests I did such thing with Arduino and the library TinyGPS++ and works fine. 
With the pcduino, I would like to have a program that read the gps every second or less, stores the information (date, time, lat, long speed) somewhere in one record and make this program running in background, like a deamon. I do not want to keep in a file all records, the last updated and valide gps information is useful.
I would like to avoid to put  the gps process and other functions i need to create in a same code, like we must do with arduino, I would like to make things separated.
Once gps data is stored in the record, other program will be able to scan this record and display the information on a web page, on the request of the the user. This program could be a python one.
In summary :
What is the best way to create a process workjing in background to read the gps, as I know TiNYGPSS++ library, can I create a C++ program doing this job and make it running automatically at the boot of the pcduino ?
What is the best way to store one record of the data, File ? data storage like arduino YUN ?
Is there a deamon like gpsd that i can use in palce to develop one ?
any helps and advice would be appreciated
many thanks

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