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PCDuino completely Freezes, Needs to Hard Reset

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Hi all,


       I have pcduino3. I am using it with ubuntu 12.04. I am streaming the usb webcam video to android using following link.



       But after running smoothly for some time, pcduino3 is freezing. It is not giving responce to any command(even ssh is also not working). We have to hard reset then only it will start working.


       Could you please help me with this?




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I've been experiencing a similar problem. I have done some minor debugging and suspect that it has something to do with the A20 processor over heating. After running my pcDuino android tablet for 20 minutes or so it simply goes to a white or navy blue screen. A hard reset doesn't solve the problem, it restarts and within a few seconds it's back on the blank screen. After a while once the things cooled down it then works properly again... For about 20 mins


I'm considering putting a heat sink on the processor and graphics card on the screen?? Thoughts??

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