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Linker Kit Baseboard Specification + IR Receiver + Raspberry

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Hey Folks,


I have the Linker Kit Base Shield with the MCP3008 for the Raspi B+. Unfortunately, your wiki only contains the smaller one with the MCP3004. The latter has the correct PIN numbers written on the board, mine has seemingly wrong (or confusing) Pin numbers.


I need the specification like this from your wiki.



There are 8 4-pin 2.54mm spacing housing on the base shield:

  • JP1: A0, A1, VCC, GND.
  • JP2: A2, A3, VCC, GND.
  • JP3: SCL, SDA, VCC, GND.
  • JP4: RXD, TXD, VCC, GND.
  • JP5: P17, P18, VCC, GND.
  • JP6: P27, P22, VCC, GND.
  • JP7: P23, P24, VCC, GND.
  • JP8: P24, P4, VCC, GND.

These connectors cover Analog, I2C, and GPIO.



Specifically, I want to connect your IR Receiver to the Raspberry via the Base Shield. But which Digital Port must I use? Which one is Raspi's native GPIO18?

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