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Robotics with PCDuino3 Nano

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I have several PCDuino3 / Nano boards and a find quite good. I am surprised at what seems the lack of following in general, given the really wide variety of options from Arduino etc.


I am now trying to venture in robotics for the first time and need some guidelines from experienced users. I have found some posts and products on this website, but all seems to be somewhat dated (PCDuino 2) and I couldnt find everything in the Linksprite shop. 


I am looking for a simple robot kit to attach to PCDuino 3  or Nano, preferably. 

Something like : http://store.linksprite.com/linker-block-basic-robot-platform-set-a-aluminium/

or : http://www.linksprite.com/how-to-interface-pcduino3-with-a-dc-motor-driver-breakout/


I cannot seem to find if the above models are available as a kit, and /or if someone has already built something like this and have some sample code available.


Any other ideas are welcomed.









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