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pcduino3b - please point me to some instructions

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I was silly enough to purchase a pcduino 3b with the 7" touch screen.


I would say that I am a pretty good programmer with 25 years experience. 


3 days later and nothing! This has been hilarious;


So connected up screen as shown in manual that comes with screen. Looked at video on website of screen running. The video has the brown wire and the red wire swapped (SCL and D8). WHich one is right? …Who knows.


Next, tried to download the kernel……. which one? I note that none of them are older than 2015…..whoops, always a sign you've bought the wrong product.


So, tried to flash with Phoenix suite, but could not see the Pcduino from the computer. No info on the web on how to use it. Tried phoenix card. Downloaded the kernel, tried to flash ….nah…computer says no..something about no script.


The strength of any hardware is the level of documentation and support. There is nothing out there for pcduino, just nothing.


Can anyone point me to an accurate set of instructions for this piece of junk? Or should I just give up?


ANy help appreciated.

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I think you must refer to this wiki page before:






And this is the tutorial of using phoenixsuit to flash new image to pcduino3.




The following steps are very important:


We press the ‘Upgrade’ button on pcDuno3 and at the same time, hit the ‘Reset’ button to reset pcDuino3, PhoneixSuit will do a force upgrade of pcDuino3 with the new kernel image we just provided.

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I also found the lack of instructions extremely unprofessional. LinkSprite should hire someone (even an intern) who is a native english speaker to write some documentation. Here is my personal writeup for the 3B with LVDS.


1- update kernel

This guide is helpful


Make sure driver installed. It is in the LiveSuite download folder (see below)



  1. Install phoenix suite 1.0.6 (must be this version) on windows pc: phoenixsuite 1.0.6

  2. Download kernel that supports LVDS screen, copy onto onto windows 7 PC

Ubuntu NAND Image [Kernel forLVDS screen (use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard),03-14-2015 ],  Ubuntu

  • Integrate the touch sensor driver, and logo displays during booting.

  1. Open phoenix suit

  2. Go to firmware tab

  3. Select .img file. ex) pcduino3b_lvds_a20_kernel_livesuit_20150314.img

  4. Plug in pcduino to computer using OTG usb cable

  5. Hold down update button, while holding, press reset, release reset, release update

  6. Phoenix suit should have a popup:

  7. Hit YES to update the kernel. There will be a loading screen

  8. Wait until it’s done, should get a popup that says OK

  9. Unplug the power, and plug in the display. It will display the pcduino logo, some text, and then the screen will go blank. That will be ok. You have done everything right if the RX light is solid, and the TX light is blinking slowly.



2- plug in touchscreen



LCD driver breakout board pin

pcDuino pin

(pin labels on back of board)

1 - black - 5V

2 - white - GND

3 - grey - D2

4 - purple - D3

5 - blue - D4

6 - green - GND

7 - yellow - D9

8 - orange - SCL

9 - red - SDA

10 - brown - D8


On display shield, text on FPC cable faces up

On pcduino, text on FPC cable faces down

Plug in the power to pcduino. The pcduino logo should display.


3- update OS

Next step is to download the ubuntu desktop update

  1. After the kernel update, the RX light is solid, and the TX light is blinking slowly

  2. Download & unzip desktop ubuntu image: pcduino3_ubuntu_20140430.7z. There are two files, pcduino3_ubuntu_20140430.img and update.sh

  3. Put these into the root directory of a flash drive

  4. Plug in flash drive. The RX light will be solid, and the TX light will blink fast. It will take ~5min. If this goes on longer than 10min, there’s probably an issue. Make sure the image file is correct and in the root of the flash drive. This happened to me once when I tried using the pcduino3nano file instead of the pcduino3.

  5. When the RX and TX are both blinking in sync, slowly, it has completed.

  6. Power cycle the pcduino. The OS should load.



4- touchscreen driver

youtube video tutorial

If the pcduino has a wifi card, you can just git clone the touchscreen driver repo:

  1. install git-core first if you haven’t done that by $sudo apt-get install git-core

  2. Download the project by typing $git clone git://github.com/pcduino/modules

  3. Now navigate to /modules/touch/ft5x, and run: $sudo insmod ft5x_ts.ko

If you don’t have wifi, download the driver onto a USB drive and copy paste into some folder:

  1. Download this driver repo https://github.com/pcduino/modules

  2. Unzip, put onto flash drive.

  3. Copy paste touch folder into some folder (like Documents)

  4. Using terminal, cd into the touch/ft5x folder and run: sudo insmod ft5x_ts.ko

  5. Open /etc/profile with vi

  6. At the bottom, add in the line sudo insmod /home/ubuntu/modules/touch/ft5x/ft5x_ts.ko

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I tried things from a Mac and totally gave up. Luckily I switched to Windows and tried again. The process was better using LiveSuit on windows instead of dd from mac.... 


Couple of point for confusion related to images - 


This page - http://www.linksprite.com/image-for-pcduino3-nano-pcduino3b/- has some details

i.e Ubuntu NAND Image [Kernel ,(use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard, note1)), 12-5-2014 , Kernelfor LVDS Screen(use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard), 03-14-2015],  Ubuntu 12-28-2015.


and then this page - http://store.linksprite.com/1280x800-7-lvds-lcd-with-capacitive-touch-for-pcduino3/- has come other details - 


i.e 1.Download the kernel of pcDuino3 :kernel.zip


I used the latter with the pcduino3b + 1280x800 display and it worked except for touch and mouse functionality.



Also to add to rbot's instructions between the following steps an important task has to be performed -  

  1. Hold down update button, while holding, press reset, release reset, release update
    (load USB driver from phoenix suit drivers directory)

  2. Phoenix suit should have a popup:


Will try rbot's other instructions soon :)


I could not get touch driver to load/work - saw the error show below

IMG 2605

any ideas?


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