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pcDuino3b wifi not working after couple reset

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Hi guys, 


I have a project using pcDuino3b (wifi built-in) to collect data from sensors. I also use an arduino nano as a watchdog timer to reset pcDuino through its RST pin (reset signal from arduino was converted to 3.3V). 


I tested the system by let Arduino resets pcDuino for 10min period. Arduino did successfully restart pcDuino. However, after 3-4 times, wifi module stops working after the reset. I connected to pcDuino (still working) through OTG and could not find wlan5, lsusb command also show no sight of wifi module. Wifi module will work normally after I unplug and plug in again, or hold down the restart button of pcDuino for more than 1 second (it will turn off power on wifi module).


This problem can recreate by hand by connecting RST pin to GND 3 to 4 times.


Would you guys help me with this problem?

Thank you.

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Sure that reset pin has to go back 3.3V so pcduino can run. Strange is wifi used to stop after 3-4 times reset which might be a clue to fix it. Is there any way that we can turn off the power to wifi module by command as wifi used the same power supply with usb right?


Do you know the difference between reset button and reset pin? As I measured pin 2 and 5 of wifi module (which are 3v3 and GND to wifi), it was turned off (no power) when I hold down the reset button, but not happen the same when I connected reset pin to GND. 

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