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Where is the Mamba manual or data sheet

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I can find very little information on the Mamba unit.  Is there a manual pdf that details which pins the unit uses and how far this unit can transmit over a live 110v wire and at what data rates?  Is it in any way compatible with other powerline serial modules such as the the narrow band with smartmac unit?


thank you.

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Thanks for taking the time to do that. I also found those urls from searching and gave them read before coming here.   Unfortunately I'm coming up empty.  In particular the wiki page (second url you mention) talks about downloding the manual and schematic from "our site" but I can't find a link to it.  The last link talks about setting up the code, which is nice.  But no mention of the actual characteristics of the device such as expected range.  The first link I found first, and that was very interesting.  After reading that review I am very hesitant to buy these units.  The review found they worked more or less with a live DC carrier voltage, but didn't work at all for him on AC mains.  He was able to provide the bitrate which is useful information. Unfortunately my main questions remain unanswered.


If anyone from the company is reading this, can you answer my question about distance and tell me where the data sheet or manual would be?  Does the uart connect to D0 and D1?  Is the signal compatible with any of your other powerline devices?  Does the modem require AT commands to set parameters?  Like I say a manual pdf would answer all of these questions and the wiki promises such a manual but I cannot find it.


Thank you. 

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