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Failure to re image PCDuino 3 Nano

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I just unpacked two new PCDuino Nano's and wanted to update the OS. I have 3 others which I did last year and (after some tinkering at the time) works fine. I used what I think was the same images as before, ie (pcduino3_nano_a20_kernel_livesuit_20141205.img), and initially it seemed to work - it came to the point where the two LED's #3 & #4 have following status during boot: LED3 = steady and LED4 = flashing slowly, which I believe means kernel loaded fine, awaiting to load Ubuntu.

However, I seem to be unable to get beyond this, having either both LEDS flashing simultaneously, or alternating. I suspect that the Ubuntu images are not loading correctly, but I cannot tell why.

On the Linksprite page with images for the Nano, I find several , but the explanations to which are which is somewhat vague, and I also dont see the ones I used in the past anymore, so I take it they are now obsolete.

The guidelines to flashing the OS are also somewhat outdated, mostly for PCDuino 2 and 3 , and not so much cover the Nano, so I am not sure if there are any differences.

I see also now several "LiveSuite" images. How is one suppose to use these ?

Any comments to more up to date guidelines will be appreciated.




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Ok I have found one problem, and that was that the update.sh file was calling the wrong image. 

Ubuntu seemed to have installed fine now and when rebooting, both LED 3 & 4 is steady, just like the working models. However something else have gone wrong - there is no HDMI out, so black screen only.


Is there any way to roll back ? Installing a previous kernel and image ?





cd `dirname $0`
IMG_SIZE=`du -s $IMG  | cut -f1`
BURN_TIME=`expr $IMG_SIZE / 1024 / 3 / 60`
echo -e "\twriting $IMG to nand flash\n"
echo -e "\tit will take about $BURN_TIME minutes to finish..."
time dd if=$IMG of=/dev/nandd bs=4M && sync
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "update finished"
    killall blink_led.sh
    /blink_led.sh 18 1000000 & 
    /blink_led.sh 19 1000000 &          
    echo "write ubuntu to nand failed"
    killall blink_led.sh   
    /blink_led.sh 18 100000 &
    /blink_led.sh 19 100000 &
    exit 1

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Hi, I flash the following system image to SD, just use dd comand on Linux or win32disk image tool on windows.



Then insert the SD into pcDuino3 nano, it works.

Youkee, tell me, is this also a two part process like before, where you had to first load the kernel and then Ubuntu, or does it do it all in one go ?

As per my previous comment, I have now tried to put a previous kernel image on the SD but when rebooting the Nano seems to ignore it and it just boot, or rather appears to boot ( I cant see the screen). I find it hard to believe that you cannot wipe the OS as you please.....


In any case I'll get that other image and have a go, thanx.

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