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4.5" e-paper shield documentation/incorrect example code

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a while ago I aquired the 4.5" e-paper shield. The example code provided on the website (the epdtest file) does not work - I have connected the shield according to this and I am able to communicate via SPI fine - but I have no idea what to communicate due to the lack of any documentation whatsoever (aside from the schematics file which doesn't really help in this regard. Also let's disregard the countless spelling errors in the tutorial and code.)


When reading out the responses the shield sends back via SPI when I issue a command, most (if not all) of them are in the negative range (-1, -2 etc). Which I suppose means it does not know how to handle the commands the example code sends.

Even sending a simple 3 to it (which should clear the screen according to the tutorial) does nothing.


May I also mention that is it kind of confusing that it just inverts the status pin every time it goes idle instead of having say 0 for idle and 1 for busy? (At least that's what I'm assuming it does.)


I'm using an Arduino Uno and it's built-in SPI. All needed pins are soldered on properly. It does display a default image.


If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. As it is now, I might aswell have bought an empty picture frame.

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I have the exact same problem.

I'm using the shield with an Arduino UNO as described in this tutorial: http://learn.linksprite.com/arduino/using-e-paper-modules-on-arduino/ 

It doesn't do anything except displaying some default picture of a house. 

It doesn't respond to any of the commands I send. 


This is very frustrating as the shield wasn't cheap. 

Please provide some example code that works! 

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to date I have not been able to get the epaper shield working. Which is a huge letdown, as it was quite expensive. If you find anything I'd be happy to know!

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