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LVDS 1280x800 kernel for pcduino3b?

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Which kernel img do I use for the 1280x800 LVDS display for the pcduino3b?


There are links here for the LVDS:


But it does not say what screen resolution the imgs are for.


Then on the store page to buy the 1280 screen there is a different link to the kernel, with an older release date (2014).



Which is the right image to use? The documentation, when it exists, is very confusing.



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Hi rbot,
I'm also having some issues getting the system to work end to end. Maybe I'm using the wrong files. I have got most of the things to kind of work... I have to admit it was pretty cool to see the 1280x800 display light up with ubuntu :)
I was able to use the 2nd link you have listed and get the display to work but the touch screen still does not work.
Also the mouse does not work. I used an external display using the HDMI cable and luckily it mirrored the image that was displayed on the LVDS 1280x800 screen. So I used the external monitor when using the mouse. Here is my setup

IMG 2604


If I can get the mouse and touch screen work that would be wonderful! 

I followed instruction but something is missing... 

The picture in Step2 on http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=1280x800_7"_LVDS_LCD_with_Capacitive_Touch_for_pcDuino3  lists three files as available in the directory - /lib/modules/3.4.79+/kernel/drivers/input/touchscreen/


I have only two files - gslx680.ko and usbtouchscreen.ko
Not sure but could that be the reason the touch screen is not working?


I did all the steps mentioned on that page. Mouse cursor is not visible on the 1280x800 screen.


Anyone have any ideas?

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