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pass string from web server to arduino-ish?

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Can someone please help me understand.  I have just bought a PCDuino V3 Nano to operate a 32x16 LED matrix display.  This display only has an Arduino library.  My plan is to run a web server running a page on which you can submit a string of text.  That text will then show on the display.  


I presumed with the PCDuino that I would be able to run an Arduino sketch to operate the display, and at the same time the PC side of the device could run the web server.  Then whatever string was submitted on the webpage could be passed into the Arduino sketch and therefore will update on the display.  I can't however find any evidence that there is a way to operate both simultaneously and pass variables between.  Do I misunderstand how this device works or is it actually possible?

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I've tried running the example sketches for the LED display they won't compile. Appears to be issues with the libraries needed. I don't have time to try to port it to the pcduino so I'm just going to us it as a webserver that calls a python script, which sends serial over USB to a separate Arduino.

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