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I have completed assembly on my DIY Mini CNC Woodpecker and initial tests ran fine.


One thing, I do not see the drawing of the test item on the screen in GRBL. Is there something I am not setting correctly? The machine runs properly but I do not see the word iPhone or the blade to indicate where it is at in the run.


What is the board supplied with the CNC? Also, is there a schematic for the board? Also a map of pin assignments?


One of the pictures included with the files indicates there is connections likely for an LCD screen and the other pins may be for limit switches?


The supplied 24V did not have a connector to plug into the board. From what I have read about drift issue with Z axis, is the motor simply powered directly and not through the board?


I have also purchased the laser module which will arrive soon. I think this MUST be powered through the control board, I see a switch labeled LASER/MOTOR which I am sure needs to be set to LASER.


Thank you,




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1. The GRBL Control 0.8.1 requires at least OpenGL 2.0

2. CNC control board includes Arduino, 3 step motor drivers and base board(which is used to control the spindle motor ).

3. there are two kind of power supplies, 24V is used to power the spindle motor, 12V is used to power the steps motors.

4. The motor is powered through the board.

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