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Incident alert system

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Hi guys I am extremely new to the PcDuino community and before I dive in I want to find out if this is the best platform to achieve my goal.


At its most basic I want to be able to call up particular images on an HDMI display triggered by a button hold of a particular GPIO input.


Once fully functional I will be using an alarm system to provide dry contact triggers from 6 outputs which I would like to connect to 6 GPIO pins and while a particular input is held closed I would like a message (in the form of pre loaded images) to be displayed on the screen. Once the input is released the screen simply returns to blank.


I would also like this program to boot automatically once the unit is powered up for support of things such as power outages.


Please provide any thoughts as to the simplicity / complexity of this project and how I might go about achieving it with a PcDuino 3.



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