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pcDuino3B on Android network card issue

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Our company as make e product with your board and we are very happy. But the last two boards have big issue for ass. We bought 2 pcDuino3B board’s and we have installed all Android firmware from your site, but the network card is not starting the connection from when we reboot the board and when we check in the Android settings it says that it is disconnected but the indicators on the network card are working and the switch port is up. We have found after 5 hours that only one of the Android firmware’s the network card is working at all(https://s3.amazonaws.com/pcduino/Images/pcduino3nano/android/pcduino3_nano_android_20141015.7z) and only if when the Android is loaded and we remove the LAN cable from the board and plug it back then the network connection is established.


Pleas fix this issue because your board’s are very good product and we are very happy with the board’s but this is a big issue for as and our product and our clients are very sad.


Also we install Android firmware only to the NAND in the integrated memory because we use the sdcard for cache for the software we use for the product.

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The PCDuino 3B and the PCDuino Nano are different boards and therefore require different images.


You state that you work for a company that buys boards manufactured by Linksprite and sell it with your product to clients.

In such case I recommend to you that you learn the basics of programming and how to use a support forum like this before you make clients unhappy and start whining.


If you would have taken the time and looked in the appropriate section for Android support on this forum you would have found your answer here



Best Regards

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