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7 inch screen driver installation issue

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hello the group and thanks for your time :)

i'm rather new to Ubuntu.  i bought  a pcduino and a 7" lvds on the premise that it would work out of the box maybe the salesman meant it would out of the box with a hdmi  monitor or tv perhaps but it don't work with the little screen out of the box.  anyway been learning bit by bit. i have the cables between the screen and the pcduino hooked up but i seem to have a problem installing the driver i followed a video on the net i found and i can find the driver file on my system however when i try to  sudo insmod ft5x_ts.ko i get nothing just the following message



ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls
Arduino  Documents  Music     Public     Videos  modules
Desktop  Downloads  Pictures  Templates  help    sample
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ cd modules
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules$ ls
README.md  pcduino-ir-keypad  pcduino-pwm-sysfs  regtool  sun4i-cpu-id  touch
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules$ cd touch
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules/touch$ ls
Makefile  build.sh  ft5x  gsl  init-input.h
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules/touch$ cdft5x
bash: cdft5x: command not found
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules/touch$ cd ft5x
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules/touch/ft5x$ ls
Makefile         ft5x02_config.h      ft5x_ts.ko  ini.h
ft5x.c           ft5x02_ini_config.h  ft_app.i    oflim-V31_20130909_app.h
ft5x02_config.c  ft5x_ts.h            ini.c
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/modules/touch/ft5x$ sudo insmod ft5x_ts.ko 
insmod: error inserting 'ft5x_ts.ko': -1 File exists
i have tried variations of sudo and insmod but  no joy any thought as to what i am doing wrong ?

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