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I2C problem between PcDuino V2 ans Arduino Mega 2560

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I have a problem with the I2C communication between Arduino Mega 2560 and PcDuino V2. I search from 2 days for resolved my problem but is not good...


I have setup the I2C speed at 200 kHz as the PcDuino.


please see my code and send me your opinion...



void setup()


  Wire.begin(0x02);        // Active I2C en esclave
  Wire.setClock(200000L); // Configure la vitesse a 200 kHz comme le PcDuino




void receiveEvent(int howMany)
  while (1 < Wire.available()) // loop through all but the last
    char c = Wire.read(); // receive byte as a character
    Serial.print©;         // print the character
  x = Wire.read();    // receive byte as an integer
  Serial.println(x);         // print the integer
} // Fin du void receiveEvent(int howMany)


void requestEvent()
// Attends la demande du PcDuino pour envoyer les données en I2C
  Hydrometrie = 1;
  Temperature = 2;
  Luminosite = 3;


} // Fin du void requestEvent()



Et cote PcDuino:


def Reception_Donnees_I2C():

    global Hydrometrie, Temperature, Luminosite


    Hydrometrie = i2c.read_byte(Pcb_Relayage) # Lit un octet sur la carte relayage
    Temperature = i2c.read_byte(Pcb_Relayage) # Lit un octet sur la carte relayage
    Luminosite = i2c.read_byte(Pcb_Relayage) # Lit un octet sur la carte relayage


    print Hydrometrie
    print Temperature
    print Luminosite


I received 3 variables in RF 433 MHz by the Mega 2560 (Hydrometrie, Temperature, Luminosite)

and i send it to the PcDuino in I2C communication when the master want...

My problem is in the terminal, i received just 3x the number 3 and not 1,2,3...

Please see my code and send me your comments






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