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Probems on Raspberry Pi3

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The Setup described here: http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=RS485/GPIO_Shield_for_Raspberry_Pi_V3.0is no longer up to date:


The file /etc/inittab does no longer exists on latest Raspbian


$ sudo vi /etc/inittab

  1. T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyAMA0 115200 vt100

Save the changes, and reboot. We will get an UART with baud rate of 115200.



After a search in google I found out that we have instead to use:


sudo systemctl stop serial-betty@ttyAMA0.service
sudo systemctl disable serial-betty@ttyAMA0.service


And on the latest raspberry pi3 we even need to disable Bluetooth.


Why is the product site of the RS485 shield not getting updated ?

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