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RFID Inventory Tracking

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With today’s demand for leaner and faster supply chains, conventional manual based systems are too labour intensive, time consuming and error-prone.

OPRFID’s RFID Inventory tracking solution solves these challenges by providing businesses with the means to track the location at item, crate, pallet or conveyor level and to maintain count of inventory at all stages of the supply chain, in real time.

The flow of data that is made accessible by implementing RFID allows businesses to quickly perform tasks that were previously too complex and to make urgent managerial decisions. Automatic replenishment reports allow for prompt stock turn over, and support Just-In-Time management practices.

This solution offers a number of benefits over traditional manual based systems, including:

Item Level Tracking – Allows businesses to automate receiving, picking and ordering and also control shrinkage and loss.

Automate Data Collection – RFID enables businesses to have increased reporting accuracy, thereby improving stock management, sales floor replenishment and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Streamline Warehouse Processes – Accurate real time data that allows businesses to operate more efficiently and reduce labour costs and also enables “omni-channel” strategy to streamline the ship from store process.

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