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Infrared Remote Control Kit for Rasp Pi RPI_INFAKIT_OD2

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Need information on the RPI_INFAKIT_OD2 Infrared Remote Control Kit for Rasp Pi 



I've been unable to find any information on the pinout of the board and how to connect it to a Ras Pi 3. Can I get a schematic of the board to see what pins have to be set on the Ras Pi? I'm trying to use it with OSMC and a Raspberry Pi 3. 



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Update: found more information and got it work for my application. 


Found a user review on the following site which pointed to a useful guide: http://www.banggood.com/Media-Remote-Control-With-IR-Receiver-Module-Kit-For-Raspberry-Pi-p-925685.html


Here's the guide: https://www.adrive.com/public/BhAaMz/IR-DOC.pdf


My application is a Rasp Pi 3 running OSMC. Set up the remote control in MyOSMC, remotes, as the RC-6. Then I went to Pi Settings and set Enable LIRC GPIO support as active and then set gpio_out to pin23 and gpio_in to pin 18, no other changes. Rebooted and it worked great. It took only a few minutes to set up in OSMC and didn't have to edit any config.txt files. 


Very nice remote control with glow in the dark buttons :)

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The only issue I'm having now is that when the remote control is being used for a few commands, it starts acting on it's own. For example, I'm scrolling through a list of movies and then it's starts scrolling really fast on it's own. Or, I'm switching between folders, then it starts switching back and forth between two folders on it's own, really fast, ignoring all other commands. Any ideas?

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