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2500mW 445nm laser module

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I have recently purchased the linksprite 2500mW 445nm laser module for DIY CNC engraver. When purchased I did not realise that linksprite even existed let alone the fact they sold their own CNC engraver machine; so this laser was purchased for use on my own build which I am in the process of making.

I have searched for ages for any information on this laser and found nothing of real use other than general specs for the model.

I can find some information on the smaller laser model (500mW) but this only has two wires coming from it to plug in to the board, unlike the one I have which has 4 wires.


My question relates to the control of the laser.


I have a 12V connector socket on the laser and a two wires (blue and white wires) which have a 2 pin connector at the end.


I am assuming the 12V jack powers the laser and the fan, but what are the other wires for !? Is this for TTL control of the laser !?


I am building using the Arduino Uno board with a CNC shield, and could do with finding out how this laser needs wiring in.



I would be grateful for any information anyone might have.

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