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pcDuino 4 Nano - What is it?

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Hi everyone,


I purchased a pcDuino4 Nano a while ago to see how it compared to the Raspberry Pi and find a small form factor I could use to setup a computing cluster to crunch BOINC projects. So I purchased this one based on all the advertisements that say it works with Ubuntu, Debian and other OS's, but where are they? The standard Ubuntu Mate image doesn't boot, Debian Jessie doesn't boot. The only image that boots is the one from Linksprite and with that image I am unable to get the Ethernet port to work anyway shape or form. I have tried the instructions from their site. I have tried the  default methods for Debian and nothing. The best I can do is ping local host with a 4001ms response time.


Where can I get a working Ubuntu version for this thing? Heck any image that works except for that image on Linksprite which is so modified I dunno what it is trying to do. I kinda feel like I got scammed of $25 bucks which I know isn't a lot but I was really hoping these things worked.


Any help would be appreciate, if I can get the NIC working that would be fine, though trashing the desktop on boot making it a headless version would also be nice.

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