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Level Shifter Shields

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Can someone please tell me the difference in function / ability of these 2 boards:


1.  "Voltage Translation Board for Arduino Due/pcDuino V2 and 3"

2.  "T Board to Bridge Arduino Shield to pcDuino with Level Shifter"


I want to use 5V Arduino shields with a 3.3V Arduino Due, which board should I use?


I need to know exactly what the boards do, can they:


1.  Convert 5V Digital Inputs to 3.3V Outputs on all pins?

2.  Convert 5V Analog Inputs to 3.3V Inputs on the Analog Input pins A0 - A5 ?

3.  Convert 3.3V Digital Outputs to 5V Outputs on all pins?


4.  Can the pin mode be changed at any time arbitrarily in the sketch?



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I purchased the level shifter shield for an Arduino Due and I found the analogRead function is returning incorrect values, it appears to be scaled incorrectly.  3.3V input is returning a value of ~350 counts, this should be 676 (3.3/5*1024).  Should the A/D conversion scale correctly?



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