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My Second Day with this Little Beast

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Took about 3 hours to put it together.


X Axis binds (servo will not move), had to shim out the servo about 1/32 (a washer thickness) to alleviate this problem.


Z axis inoperative, swapped the wiring between X and Z, problem appears to be the board as Z worked, X didn't.  I posted a question via the seller and waiting for his response.


So while I can't do anything real with it, I decide to rig up a spring loaded pen to at least confirm X-Y operation using the iphone sample and I end up with a mirrored across X image.


Also, while looking at the left over parts, there were the 3 pieces of finned aluminum that the online docs don't seem to mention.  Somewhere else I saw that these are heat sinks.  Looking at the board, I see the 3 axis daughter board with their controllers.  I took a guess and affixed them there.  Is this correct?  



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So, I have contacted the seller via Amazon, 2 days no response.  I sent an email to 'tech@linksprite.com' yesterday, no response as of yet.


So this morning I decided to place the Y stepper on the right hand side, put the laser head on, modify the iphonef200.nc sample to turn on and of the laser instead of lifting Z and X and Y work fine now.  See https://1drv.ms/v/s!ArefbxUVkHjFhOo3EN7By1YezKX5Lw


By moving it to the right also seems to have eliminated the binding Y problem also.


I am getting a bit frustrated with the apparent lack of support from this company.


I still have the issue with the Z Axis not functioning.

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1. Y stepper motor must be installed on the right.

2.  The issue with the Z Axis not functioning, according to your description, the stepper motor driver module for Z should be broken. My colleague have contacted with you,we will send you a new stepper motor driver module. Please check your email.

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