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CSi camera, how do I change the format or convert the format

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I have a pcDuino4 with the 5MP CSI camera.  Guvcview shows the output format to be YU12 and gives a good image.  I want to write a python program to capture and image and save it with a specific name at a fixed interval.  The issue is that OpenCV is having trouble with the YU12 format.  The camera is supposed to be able to have the RGB3 format but I can't change it.  cv.get(9) returns a -1 value.  I can change the image size using the cv.set but not the format.I can't find any documentation that helps and no examples on how to change the format for that camera.  OpenCV does not have a YU12 converter (420p is supposed to be YU12 but that is not working) or atleast not one I can find.

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