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Laser and spindle will not turn off

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I was in the middle of etching some lettering onto pieces of wood when I noticed that about 3/4 of the way through the process, the outline of the image shifted, ruining the whole etching.


When I started trying to narrow down the issue, I was starting the etching again when the machine would no longer start a project after being sent g code. It started to move and then stalled out and didnt do anything. In the process of trying to get it to work again, the laser came on and would not turn off. If the control board has power and the laser is plugged in, it will not turn off. I have tried unplugging everything, and plugging it back in. Toggling the laser on and off in the software even reflashing the board and it still won't turn off. The spindle does the same thing when plugged in. Any ideas how to reset the board so I can turn both off?

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