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EPC/GEN Custom Commands?

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I have recently purchased a LinkSprite Integrated  Long Range RFID reader and I am very happy with it. 


I would like to use it to work with AMS SL900A sensor tag. This tag works as a standard EPC/GEN2 tag, but it also has additional features and commands to read sensors, store sensor data, etc. To access these features we need Custom Commands.


I searched the documentation and found no way of doing it. Is it possible? Is there a way to send custom commands using the long range UHF reader from Linksprite?


Here is an explanation from SL900A datasheet:


"The cool-Log commands are defined as EPC custom commands. All custom commands have a 16-bit
command code, where the 1st command code is defined as 0xE0, the second command code is in the table

I am doing a research with the reader, and probably will publish articles and results about it. Any help would be much appreciated. 


thanks and best regards



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